Patrick Daubenmire
Assistant Professor
Loyola University Chicago, a private, RU/H: Research Institution

Patrick L. Daubenmire, Ph. D., began his work in chemistry education as high school teacher. Following graduate school, he began work at Loyola University Chicago, where he eventually became the first tenure track chemistry education research professor in Loyola’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He is currently fulfilling that role as an assistant professor with research interests in analyzing dynamics and effects of cooperative, inquiry-based instructional approaches (e.g. POGIL and SWH), building effective professional and leadership development programs for secondary school teachers, and seeking ways to blur the lines between formal and informal learning environments in order to educate the whole student. On the chemistry education practice side of his work, Patrick participates in fostering and developing innovative, research-based curricula, which includes acting as a co-author on the 9th and 10th editions of Chemistry in Context, an American Chemical Society curriculum for non-science majors.