FACHEX Program Guidelines

Initial Policy: February 8, 1977; Revised: March 2007; Revised: November 2017
FACHEX (Faculty, Administrator, and Staff Children Exchange Program) is an undergraduate tuition remission program which allows dependents eligible for tuition benefits at the “exporting” institution to apply for the same benefits at participating “importing” institutions. It was established by the then-Conference of Academic Vice Presidents of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) in 1971 and continues to the present time. The benefit extended to FACHEX recipients should be consistent with the tuition remission benefits extended to dependents of the home institution’s employees.

To be eligible for the FACHEX program, the student must be eligible for tuition remission at the home institution. The student must satisfy the importing institution’s standards for admission before becoming qualified for the program. If awarded, the student must satisfy the importing institution’s requirements for renewal of the award.

FACHEX eligibility does not qualify a dependent child for admission, nor does an offer of admission to a participating Jesuit institution guarantee a FACHEX award.

Participating Colleges and Universities
The colleges and universities that participate in the FACHEX program are listed at the end of this page.

Eligibility for Participation
Eligibility requirements are determined by the “exporting” institution. If the “exporting” institution grants tuition remission to the child of an employee, then the child is eligible to apply for the FACHEX benefit. The FACHEX benefit may only be awarded to full-time undergraduate students.

Continuing eligibility for students currently receiving the benefit is confirmed annually, no later than July 1, by the “exporting” institution.

Value of the FACHEX Benefit
The FACHEX benefit covers tuition only. Students are expected to pay all fees and room and board charged by the “importing” institution. Generally, the tuition remission pertains to the regular fall and spring academic sessions only, although “importing” institutions may grant waivers for summer session tuition. Co-pay or administrative fees may only be charged to FACHEX participants if they are charged to recipients of the institution’s employee tuition benefit program and at equivalent levels. Such fees shall be announced to FACHEX coordinators by December 1 for the following year.

Tuition may be covered by the FACHEX award only or in combination with other institutional scholarship funds. The total award will not exceed tuition.

Institutional Obligations
Each participating institution agrees to import minimally as many students as it exports. A participating institution may not export a greater number of FACHEX award recipients than it imports. However, it may import more than it exports. Offers of awards will reflect this agreement. Each institution provides at least two new awards each academic year, even if this means imports will exceed exports.

Program Limitations
The FACHEX program is limited to undergraduate programs only. Other program limitations may be imposed by participating institutions. Individual institutions determine available programs and year of entry.

Program Administration
At each participating institution, a FACHEX coordinator is appointed. The FACHEX coordinator at each institution:

  • Informs employees of the program
  • Maintains communication with coordinators of other institutions concerning students seeking the FACHEX benefit
  • Maintains ongoing status of certified students in the FACHEX database hosted by Tuition Exchange Program, Inc. (TE)
  • Submits the necessary information for the periodic enrollment reports in the FACHEX database hosted by TE
  • Maintains appropriate records of incoming and outgoing FACHEX awards.

Procedure for seeking the FACHEX benefit:

  • Student applies to the participating institution/institutions of choice
  • Eligible parent requests that certification of eligibility for the dependent child be sent to the participating institutions of choice. To facilitate the procedure, the following student information must be included in the above request* (institutions to which certification is to be provided must also be included):
    • Name
    • Telephone number
    • Social Security number
    • E-mail address (parent e-mail should not be used)
    • Mailing address
    • Academic year for which certification is requested
    • Birthdate
    • Number of academic years student will attend (typically 4)
    • Number of regular academic semesters student will attend (typically 8)
    • Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Entering class (Freshman or Transfer/Sophomore if currently enrolled student)
  • The following sponsoring parent information must be included:
    • Name
    • Parent title or position/department
    • Parent years of employment (Optional)
    • E-mail address
    • Employment category (faculty/non-faculty)
    • Institution where employed
  • Coordinator verifies the dependent’s eligibility to receive this benefit.
  • Coordinator notifies the importing institution(s) of the student’s eligibility by December 15 through TE. A copy is sent to the eligible parent.
  • Importing institution notifies the student regarding admission to the institution.
  • Coordinator at the importing institution will notify the student if the FACHEX benefit will or will not be awarded. All institutions agree to make their first FACHEX awards no later than April 1. No institution may require a commitment from a student prior to May 1.

For specific information regarding the procedure that participating institutions use to grant FACHEX awards, please contact that institution’s local coordinator. Policies vary by institution.

*All institutions may not use all information requested. Criteria listed reflect information requested for the TE-hosted database.

Participating Colleges and Universities (26)

Boston College
Canisius University
College of the Holy Cross
Creighton University
Fairfield University
Fordham University
Gonzaga University
John Carroll University
Le Moyne College
Loyola Marymount University
Loyola University Chicago
Loyola University Maryland
Loyola University New Orleans
Marquette University
Regis University
Rockhurst University
Saint Joseph’s University
Saint Louis University
Saint Peter’s University
Santa Clara University
Seattle University
Spring Hill College
The University of Scranton
University of Detroit Mercy
University of San Francisco
Xavier University