Steven Mailloux is President’s Professor of Rhetoric at Loyola Marymount University. Previously, he taught rhetoric, critical theory, and U.S. cultural studies as Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Chancellor’s Professor of Rhetoric at the University of California, Irvine. He also served in several administrative positions during his years at UCI including Associate Dean of Humanities for Graduate Study, Acting Director of the UC Humanities Research Institute, Director of the Critical Theory Emphasis, and Interim Chair of English and Comparative Literature. For the latter position, he received on-the-job training as Chair of English at Syracuse University when that department initiated a comprehensive reform of its literature curriculum in the direction of critical theory and cultural studies. He is the co-editor of Interpreting Law and Literature (1988) and editor of Rhetoric, Sophistry, Pragmatism (1995) as well as the author of Interpretive Conventions: The Reader in the Study of American Fiction (1982), Rhetorical Power (1989), Reception Histories: Rhetoric, Pragmatism, and American Cultural Politics (1998), Disciplinary Identities: Rhetorical Paths of English, Speech, and Composition (2006). His Rhetoric’s Pragmatism: Essays in Rhetorical Hermeneutics was recently published in the “Transdisciplinary Rhetoric” series of Penn State University Press. He is continuing to work on a book with the tentative title, “Theo-Rhetoric: Kenneth Burke, Critical Theory, and the Jesuits.”