By Deanna I. Howes, Director of Communications, AJCU



This month’s issue of Connections highlights social innovation on six Jesuit campuses, as well as the new Midwest Jesuit Collaborative on Social Innovation (J-COSI). We are proud to feature examples of ways that students, faculty and administrators are creating positive social changes in their communities through novel and creative endeavors. Although social innovation is not limited to Jesuit institutions, it’s easy to see how well this fits in with our shared mission of promoting justice for all, and we’re excited to see how these programs will continue to grow in years to come.

This spring will be quite busy for our campuses as many will be hosting AJCU conferences and events. You will find a full schedule through June inside this issue of Connections.

Certainly, the first few months of this year will also be busy here in Washington, D.C. as the new presidential administration transitions into office. In this month’s federal relations report, our vice president, Cyndy Littlefield, reflects on the outgoing president’s contributions toward higher education. Not only did President Obama support campus-based aid programs, he also supported undocumented students and led legislation that would help them to stay in the United States and obtain a college education. The higher education community is grateful for President Obama’s advocacy efforts and thanks him for his service to our country.