ICP Capstone: Ignatian Discernment

Welcome to ICP 560: Capstone!

Congratulations! You have made it to the final ICP Workhshop.  This self-paced workshop focuses on Ignatian discernment and leadership.  By now I hope you have been able to notice how all the events and online pieces of ICP have been contributing to your practice of Ignatian discerning leadership.  The articles included here provide practical insights on how discernment works, the challenges that can occur while doing it, and how this practice can help one not only make decisions, but to develop a way of living along the lines of that Jesuit adage: being a contemplative in action.

At Capstone, we will have time to further discuss Ignatian leadership and discernment.  You will also be sharing your Mission Projects (so please send them ASAP as the due date has passed but we hope to have all byu December December 12). As the final gathering of ICP, you will “graduate” so we will make time for celebration and sharing.  Enjoy!