Workshop Introduction:
In this workshop, the role or place of a theological worldview in the Jesuit college or university will be explored.  Participants will come to understand that theology “in an Ignatian key” is the intersection point where faith meets culture.  This Ignatian lens allows and even requires a comprehensive exploration and acceptance of this world, in its entirety, as the place where God is to be found.  Such an exploration is the distinctive mission of a Jesuit university which seeks to form men and women for and with others who are attentive and responsive to God in all things.

In this workshop, learners will:

  1. Better understand the foundational vision that motivates and defines Jesuit higher education.
  2. Be better prepared to make appropriate institutional decisions in light of the mission and identity of the school.
  3. Be able to speak with greater authority for and about their Jesuit institution.
  4. Be able to serve as local agents for this foundational worldview on their campus and across the network in partnership with the Jesuits.

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