Dr. L Maria Walton, PhD, DPT, MS, MPH(s) is a Professor at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, USA, and Honorary Professor at the Bangladeshi Health Professions Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dr. Walton is a graduate of Creighton University’s DPT Program and graduated with a PhD from NSU. Dr. Walton specializes in women’s health and neurologic physical therapy as it pertains to trauma and vulnerable populations of women and children. She has published over forty peer reviewed journal articles in top quartile journals and has presented, both nationally and internationally, on trauma, toxic stress, refugee health, and women’s health issues. She is a member of Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars, since 2010, and has developed long term community driven programs and teaching/research collaborations in several international locations, including MENA countries and South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh). She is a strong advocate, scholar, and volunteer for multimodal rehabilitation programs for vulnerable populations across the world, particularly in the MENA and SAARC Nations.