I am an Army brat. I was born at Ft. Bragg. Both of my parents served. My Dad was drafted at 16 and served 2 tours in Vietnam. He retired after 26 years. My Mom joined when I was 13 and served 27 years retiring as Command Sergeant Major. I got commissioned and served 6 years in the Signal Corps. I went to Catholic school all my life, graduating from Spring Hill College in 1985. I worked for 22 years in the non-profit world serving as Director of an Inner City Mission, Homeless Center, and AIDS Service Organization. Later transitioned back to the business side at the Better Business Burea and later the Convention and Visitors Corp. I have two grown daughters and one granddaughter. My youngest is in Denver. My oldest and granddaughter are here. I am a certified yoga instructor. In addition to practicing about 4 days per week, I teach mostly on the weekends. I am an avid reader and collect books – some of them autographed. I have a first edition hardback copy of Beloved by Toni Morrison. She autographed it when I saw her at Spelman College in 1992.