I have been working for Loyola Press for over 20 years. I started as a graphic designer in the marketing dept., moved over to the production side, became Production Manager, continued on my journey to Business Operations Manager and finally ending up as the Director of the Office of Program and Project Management. My different roles have allowed me to work in all areas and with all employees of the business: marketing, curriculum and trade product development, sales, customer service, accounting, and technology services. I recently had an “a ha” moment, that the church, and specifically the Jesuits, have played a significant role in my life from the time I started my education, until I graduated from Creighton University. I worked in other areas but always seemed to find my way back to the church.

I’m married to my husband John for almost 13 years. I am the mother to an active 11 year old boy, Mac, and 2 crazy, two-year old pups, Thor and Loki. I enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, learning, and as cliche as it sounds, spending time with my family.