As Dean of the College of Music & Media at Loyola New Orleans, I am a goal driven leader focused on delivering innovative solutions through the design process. With over 15 years of experience training others on how to observe, frame insights, and discover innovative solutions, I have developed a vast catalog of lenses and techniques to approach any problem, client, or level of exposure to the design process. My passion is to solve problems and create organizational buy-in for “Design Thinking” by decoding and communicating the process. My success stems from “leading and learning by doing” which has allowed this process to resonate through all business levels.
Leading by doing also means serving. Beyond service roles at my own institutions, I currently serve on the board of trustees for the University of Holy Cross, served as the president of the Furniture Society, been on the board of directors of the Bienenstock Furniture Library, was vice-chair of the furniture section of the Industrial Designers Society of America.