Alison M. Benders, J.D., Ph.D., will begin as the inaugural Vice President for Mission and Ministry at Santa Clara University in July 2012, after serving seven years as Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer at the Jesuit School of Theology. She will be responsible for integrating SCU’s Jesuit and Catholic traditions into the community life of the university. She will report to the President of the university and oversee Campus Ministry, the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education and the Mission Church. While at JST, in addition to direct and oversight administrative responsibilities for curriculum, enrollment, student advising and support, she taught theological anthropology, emphasizing an intersectional exploration of human beings as enmeshed in society and culture. She has been on sabbatical for 2020-21 writing a pilgrimage narrative entitled, Recollecting America’s Original Sin, to be published in Spring 2022. Her prayer book, Just Prayer: A Liturgy of Hours for Peacemakers and Justice Seekers, received the 2016 Catholic Publishing Best Book Award for Spirituality.