Preston re-joined USF as the senior associate vice president for development and member of the university leadership team in January of 2016, but his roots at USF go much deeper. Preston earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality industry management and master’s in organization & leadership, both from USF. He is a past-president of the USF alumni board of directors and has served as a constituent representative on the USF board of trustees. Prior to re-joining USF, Preston was a vice president for CCS Fundraising, a leading global fundraising and management firm, which designs and implements successful, transformative, development initiatives for leading non-profits across all sectors and throughout the world.

On a personal note, Preston was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and now resides in Alameda, CA with his wife and son. Preston believes that philanthropy is one of the most powerful and altruistic ways to advance humanity. He values the opportunity to work with leaders in the philanthropic community who use the forefront of innovation to address issues ranging from access to education and healthcare to preserving and supporting creativity in the arts.