Jane Aiken is currently The Blume Professor of Law, and Director of the Community Justice Project (CJP) at Georgetown Law. I ha e just stepped down from being Vice Dean over the last 7 years. Each student in CJP represents clients with health-related legal issues and works collaboratively on projects that address justice issues that are policy-based, require extraordinary remedies or international and comparative law. Since at Georgetown, I have also taught Evidence, Torts and Motherhood and the Law. I have directed clinics in which students act as lawyers under supervision in cases involving a wide array of legal issues including domestic violence against women and children, HIV, homelessness and international human rights. I currently am Chair of the President’s Gender Equity Task Force for Georgetown University. I was a Carnegie Scholar for Teaching and Learning, a Fulbright Scholar in Nepal, is a member of the ALI and an ABA Foundation Fellow. She received the Frank Flegal Award for Excellent Teaching at Georgetown in 2010 and Faculty Member of the Year in 2013. I was the Co-Chair of the Women and Criminal Justice Committee of the ABA from 2005-2011. I served on the ABA Council on Legal Education from 2011 to 2016, and was a Fellow in the Academy for Innovative University Leadership.