Facilities, Public Safety, and Sustainability

Network Mission Statement: To create a safe and collegial environment for leadership from AJCU institutions to share best practices and opportunities for improvement related to public safety, facilities and sustainability that are consistent with and affirm our Jesuit tradition.

The Facilities, Public Safety, and Sustainability Network is comprised of professionals who work in those areas at the 27 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. They meet annually at an AJCU institution and engage in conversations about facilities, public safety and sustainability throughout the year via AJCU listservs. 

Incorporated into the programming of annual meetings is significant time spent on the campus of the host institution so that participants may take away first-hand understanding of the host’s operations from a facilities, security and sustainability perspective. While mindful of the varying nuances of each campus, Network members have come to find it helpful to know that others are facing similar challenges, especially as they work to provide similar services to campus communities in a manner that is consistent with Jesuit tradition.


Contact: Helen Schneider, Loyola University Maryland
E-mail: HSchneider@loyola.edu

Next Meeting

Location: TBD
Date: Spring 2025