Collaborative on Information Technology Management (CITM)

Network Purpose and Objectives

The AJCU Collaborative on IT Management (CITM; previously known as the AJCU Conference on IT Management) aims to advance the mission and value of Jesuit higher education through technology, data, and innovation. CITM seeks to:

  • Facilitate collaboration and innovation among Jesuit institutions by sharing best practices, solving common problems, and pursuing joint opportunities;
  • Identify and pursue opportunities that leverage technology, data, and innovation to improve university outcomes such as revenue growth, cost reduction, operational improvement, risk management, and service excellence;
  • Foster the professional development of IT staff across Jesuit institutions by building their technical, interpersonal, and business skills, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

CITM was founded in 1983. The Collaborative has a long history of successful inter-institutional collaborations, knowledge-sharing, problem solving, and networking. Jesuit institutions face common challenges and opportunities: therefore, CITM members routinely share information and leading practices across institutional boundaries. This is facilitated by networking opportunities presented throughout the year via an annual technology and innovation conference, regular virtual meetings, and via the CITM Community Portal.

CITM includes several formal committees:

  • Mentoring Committee: The Mentoring Committee develops and implements an annual mentoring program designed to provide professional development opportunities for emerging IT leaders at member institutions, and allow current leaders to gather fresh perspectives and contribute to the development of the CITM community. The program offers participants the opportunity to develop skills, broaden thinking, and enrich approaches to tackling the issues and challenges that IT professionals face in higher education.
  • Communication Committee: The Communication Committee is both a working group and advisory body to CITM. They are responsible for assessing the collaboration and communication needs of CITM by evaluating and selecting tools, and implementing and maintaining systems. The Committee is responsible for working with the Voting members and various Committee Chairs to ensure all communication and collaboration needs are addressed.
  • O’Hearn Service Award Committee: The William O’Hearn Service Award honors a CITM member past or present and is named for the first award recipient, Bill O’Hearn: former IT Director at John Carroll University and a founding member of CITM. The award is intended to express appreciation and recognition for service to Jesuit education, the IT profession, and CITM.

One of the goals of CITM is to foster cooperation among different domains of knowledge and practice in the field of information technology. To achieve this, the CITM has established Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, that bring together professionals with similar roles and expertise in a specific area of interest. The SIGs provide opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing best practices among their members. Some of the existing SIGs are:

  • Technology, Teaching and Learning
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Information Technology Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Information Technology Service Management
  • IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications

The purpose and objectives of the SIGs are to:

  • Share expertise to improve technology, security, data, and innovation and build a knowledge management repository within the CITM Community Portal (RFPs, Polices and Procedures, Training documentation, etc.)
  • Share best practices and problem solve
  • Identify shared service opportunities
  • Enable and foster connections
  • Mentor/on board individuals new to higher education, CITM and/or the SIG
  • Other objectives as determined by specific SIG membership


President: Laurie Panella, Marquette University

Vice President: Travis Nation, Seattle University

Secretary: Borre Ulrichsen, Gonzaga University

Treasurer: Jim Burke, John Carroll University

AUSJAL Liaison:

Anand Padmanabhan, Fordham University

Next Meeting

Dates: May 12-14, 2025
Location: Marquette University