Arts and Sciences Deans

Mission Statement: The AJCU Arts and Sciences Deans Network (formerly Conference) has been organized for the mutual support and development of the Deans of Arts & Sciences colleges or the equivalent in the institutions that make up the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Special attention will be paid to the Jesuit and Catholic identity of each of the schools.

The annual meeting of the Arts and Sciences Deans brings together roughly 60 deans and associate deans from around the country for 48 hours each fall on campus at one of the member institutions. Areas of recent focus have included core curricula; making the case for the liberal arts; mission concerns in hiring, planning and budgeting; new initiatives in sustainability, internationalization and service learning; and leveraging the AJCU network for Arts and Sciences students and faculty.

The Network maintains a listserv, which many members point to as a particular strength of the group. Members also point to the annual meeting as a valued opportunity to connect across institutions, share best practices, and discuss areas of common concern.

The AJCU Arts & Sciences Deans’ Network was founded c. 1989. Please click here to download the Network’s By-Laws.


Meeting Host: Donna LaVoie, Saint Louis University

Next Meeting

Location: Saint Louis University
Dates: October 24-26, 2024