FAQs & Feedback

The questions below were submitted by Self-Study Chairs preparing to lead a Mission Priority Examen (MPE). For questions not answered on this page, please contact AJCU’s Vice President for Mission Integration, Dr. Stephanie Russell: srussell@ajcunet.edu.

How much does it cost to conduct a Mission Priority Examen, and who pays for it?
Most of the cost of the MPE lies in the contributions of Self-Study Committee members, Peer Visitors, and those who participate in interviews, surveys, and/or focus groups. There are transportation, housing, and hospitality costs involved in hosting the Peer Visitors, and costs for data processing or printing. Each College or University is responsible for covering these expenses. However, schools whose selection of Peer Visitors is inhibited by their budget should contact AJCU’s President, Rev. Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., to discuss the possibility of financial assistance.

What happens if the Jesuit Superior General does not affirm our Jesuit and Catholic identity?
This has not happened, to date, and it is not the primary objective of the Society of Jesus to “weed out” schools that are not measuring up to mission expectations. To the contrary, the experience has been markedly positive for schools that have participated, and the feedback from V. Rev. Arturo Sosa, S.J. has been quite supportive. However, part of the purpose of the MPE is to identify areas for a school’s growth, and so it is helpful for Fr. Sosa to comment on the strengths, gaps, and goals, and to offer suggestions. The MPE process is not simply a rubber stamp. It is an invitation for the school to reflect seriously on its mission commitments – and for the Society of Jesus to make informed decisions about the schools that it sponsors. In the years to come, the MPE will provide a context and basis for those choices.

What feedback has Fr. Sosa offered on the overall process?
Fr. Sosa’s long career as a teacher, researcher, and academic administrator give him insight into the complexity of College and University environments. His feedback on the MPE process has been very positive. He has suggested that schools pay deep attention to the exploration of faith as a constitutive dimension of human and University life. Everyone in a Jesuit University can and should contribute to the mission, and thus formation for mission is a priority for him. He has also stressed the need for Jesuit Colleges and Universities to become truly intercultural and intergenerational, not only in the diversity of their students, faculty and staff, but also in breaking through social barriers and advancing democracy for the common good. None of this will occur happenstance. Rather, it requires trust, candor, and discernment among the University community and Society of Jesus.

How can I make myself available to serve as a Peer Visitor?
If you would like to participate on a Peer Visitor Team, you may ask a colleague to nominate you or simply nominate yourself. In either case, please contact AJCU’s Vice President for Mission Integration regarding interest.

Feedback to Improve the MPE Process

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