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Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinates the graduate programs in Computer Science;

  • Assists the Graduate Program Directors with monitoring the progress of M.S. and (eventually) Ph.D. graduate students towards graduation;
  • Assists the Graduate Program Directors with the recruitment of new applicants to the graduate programs;
  • Assists the Graduate Program Directors in responding to student queries;
  • Assists the Graduate Program Directors in outreach to alumni and keeping track of alumni;
  • Monitors the Graduate Admissions portal for new applicants and assists with outreach to incomplete applications;
  • Coordinates new international applications with the ISSS office;
  • Processes stipends and tuition reimbursement for support of new and continuing graduate students;
  • In consultation with the Chairperson/Program Director, monitors the Graduate Activity Fee budget account;
  • In consultation with the Graduate Program Directors, assists with assignments of teaching assistants.
  • Assists with registration of graduate students.
  • Assists and coordinates departmental events such as new student orientation and end-of-semester celebration;
  • Assists with maintaining and updating the graduate website and graduate handbook;
  • Assists the Administrative Assistant as needed;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education and/or Work Experience:

High school diploma or equivalent and one year of related experience in an office setting.

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