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Jesuit Community Business/House Manager
Position Overview:

The Jesuit Community Business/House Manager (Manager) role at Loyola University Jesuit Community (LUJC) is integral to the community’s functioning, providing essential accounting and business support. This position is responsible for addressing both the Jesuit Community’s collective accounting needs and its members’ individual financial requirements. Reporting directly to the Rector of the LUJC, the Manager assumes a full-time position, collaborating closely with the Rector to ensure the seamless operation of LUJC. This full-time position may include evening and weekend hours depending on the needs of the community.

With attention to detail and proficiency in financial management, the Manager will navigate the intricacies of budgeting processes, playing a pivotal role in coordinating annual budgets for the community ($3 million) and supporting the banking needs of individual Jesuits. Expertise in accounting and business management is paramount, as the role encompasses oversight of cash management, accounts payable and receivable, and asset accounting.

Beyond financial management, the Manager acts as a liaison between LUJC and Loyola University in fostering positive relationships with university staff. These relationships will facilitate everyday issues of physical plant maintenance and security, as well as the reconciliation of accounts and billings.

Additionally, the Manager assumes responsibilities for supervising student workers and serves as a liaison with food and cleaning services. This multifaceted position requires a proactive approach and attention to detail, whether coordinating maintenance for the automobile fleet or managing procurement processes for capital projects.

Key Responsibilities:

Financial Management:
· Manage the full range of accounting functions, including general ledger, monthly closing, trial balance, and financial reporting.
· Coordinate cash management and banking requirements for both community and individual Jesuit accounts.
· Act as liaison with bank representatives for new accounts and problems with existing accounts.
· Schedule payments, prepare invoices, and oversee accounts payable and receivable processes.
· Oversee payroll processing and preparation of bank deposits.
· Coordinate medical and dental benefits, including reconciliation of invoices and accounts.
· Coordinate annual community budget ($3 million) and support individual Jesuits (approximately 35 men) in tracking expenditures and variances.
· Conduct regular budget vs. actual reporting and analysis to ensure financial stability.
· Assist in amendments to accounts and budgets as needed.
Auditing Support:
· Facilitate the annual external audit and coordinate with Jesuit Revisor audit requirements.
· Ensure compliance with auditing standards and provide necessary documentation and support.
Liaison with Loyola University:
· Cultivate professional relationships with university staff, especially with maintenance and security, to facilitate collaboration and support.
· Coordinate reconciliation of accounts and billings between Loyola University and LUJC.
Special Projects:
· Provide coordination and support for special events and projects within LUJC.
· Manage procurement processes and maintenance services.
Other Responsibilities:
· Working closely with university facilities respond to repair requests in the community.
· Liaison with Food and Cleaning Service personnel
· Supervise student workers, providing guidance and direction as needed.
· Manage automobile fleet logistics, including new car purchases, insurance, maintenance, and registration.