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The Desk Receptionist (DR) is a residence hall staff member employed by the Department of Residential Life and the Department of Public Safety.  DRs serve a critical role as a layer of safety and security to the greater residence hall community and are formally designated as Campus Security Authorities in accordance with the Clery Act. They are also key resources for residents, upholding the highest standards of customer service through personal interactions, promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment for all residents and guests, and assisting residents and guests with equipment checkout and maintenance requests. As representatives of the Division of Student Life, the Department of Public Safety, and the greater Creighton University community, they embody our Catholic, Jesuit mission and our obligation to be people for, and with, others.


This position is supervised by the Department of Public Safety and is a 12-month position, desks are staffed in each of eight residence halls during the undergraduate academic calendar, including any holidays during which the residence hall front desks are open. Scheduled days off will be managed by the supervisor. This position has the potential for summer employment as well.



Position Responsibilities
Student & Community Safety and Security (45%)

1.    Promotes a safe, respectful, and welcoming community in the context of a Catholic, Jesuit liberal arts institution.
2.    Follows all guidelines and procedures to grant access to residents, account for authorized guests, and deny access to unauthorized persons.
3.    Assists in bag checks and enforces community standards by not allowing alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or any other banned substance in the residence halls.
4.    Appropriately escalates all safety, security, and medical emergencies or concerns, to on-duty or on-call staff.
5.    Identified potentially intoxicated students and activates the standard response protocols through Public Safety and Residential Life staff.
6.    Employs video surveillance to detect and identify unauthorized use of emergency exit doors and other safety or security concerns.
7.    Properly executes fire and weather emergency response protocols, including assisting first responders with rosters and other information located in the desk binder.
8.    Protects all confidential information accessed within the bounds of the position.
9.    Remains alert throughout the assigned shift and responds to all radio and telephone communications.

Customer Service (35%)

1.    Treat all residents and guests with dignity, respect, and proper attention to their needs.
2.    Responds to the personal needs and concerns of residents in a timely fashion.
3.    Provides friendly greetings to those entering/exiting the building and strives to create a positive interaction with all residents or guests, in-person and over the phone.
4.    Always keeps the privacy of students in mind, respecting student’s FERPA rights.

Administration & Personal Responsibility (10%)

1.    Provides accurate and up-to-date information about guest check-ins/check-outs, equipment usage, and other operational information relevant to the hall.
2.    Accurately submits timecards and hours by required deadlines.
3.    Maintains a clean, organized, and welcoming desk environment.
4.    Accurately completes logs, maintenance requests, and other reports.
5.    Attends required trainings and meetings, including Campus Security Authority, CPR/AED, first aid, and other assigned training topics.
6.    All other duties as assigned.

Diversity & Inclusion (10%)
1.    Strives to create an environment of inclusion, making our communities a space where residents can openly express themselves and have civil discourse or discussions promoting in-depth thinking, empathy, and appreciation of differences.   
2.    Promotes an understanding and acceptance of all residents, with special attention to personal history, race, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical or mental abilities, veteran status, and other identities surrounding diversity and inclusion.



This is an hourly-paid position, beginning at $15.00. Full-time positions will have University benefits. This position is also available for non-benefits-eligible part-time employment.  



High school diploma or GED
0-2 years’ related experience
Strong verbal and written communication skillsInterpersonal skills needed – 1 -2 years customer service experience preferred.
High school diploma or GED
0-2 years’ related experience
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Interpersonal skills needed – 1 -2 years customer service experience preferred.

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