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Creighton University’s EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership Program Seeks to hire Special Faculty -Dissertation in Practice Chairs.   This is a contract position that starts on July 1, 2024. 

Location: Creighton University is located in Omaha, NE, the role must be performed remotely.

Application Due Date: May 10, 2024, review of applications will begin May 13, 2024


The EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership Program at Creighton University, a Catholic, Jesuit institution, is a practitioner-scholar doctoral degree program for adult lifelong learners. We are seeking outstanding teacher-scholars, for a contract Special Faculty position to serve as Dissertation in Practice (DIP) Chairs. We are seeking faculty members who are passionate about guiding and support academic excellence through diversity at all levels and are committed to fostering an environment in which students from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personal experiences can thrive during their dissertation in practice journey.


Ideal candidates for the position of DIP Chair will hold an earned Ph.D., Ed.D., or other terminal degree from an accredited college or university, have 2-4 years of prior demonstrated excellence in teaching graduate-level online courses, and at least 1 published article that utilized research methods commonly used in the social sciences. Ideal candidates would show evidence of work as a scholar-practitioner who can apply social science theories in a variety of disciplinary settings. Ideal candidates would possess excellent verbal and written communication, strong interpersonal, organizational, and planning skills, and exhibit the ability to work collaboratively in a collegial, interdisciplinary educational environment.


About Creighton University EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership Program:

Our mission within the EdD Program is to use innovative, leading edge education approaches such as the emerging approach of interdisciplinary leadership, adult learning theory, and dissertations in practice to prepare individuals to work across differences to address complex problems. We use social science methodologies to explore, describe, and examine topics of interest related to leadership to develop solutions for the 21st century. The EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership Program is an online, practitioner-based doctoral degree for adult lifelong learners with enrollment of approximately 250 students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds including, but not limited to: government, military, education, health care, non­profit leadership, and business.


Our Program Mission:

We believe leadership is practiced in both obvious and subtle ways by anyone willing to help (Lowney, 2003; Wheatley, 2006).
We believe in preparing individuals to work for and with others by fostering a rich interdisciplinary learning environment.
We believe in preparing individuals to embrace complexity by practicing self-reflection, an openness to diversity, and the integration of Ignatian values.
We are diverse in the life experiences, ways of thinking, and knowledge base that faculty, staff, and students bring to the program.
We are reflective scholar-practitioners focused on modeling the leadership our communities and workplaces need today and in the future.


Duties of the Dissertation in Practice (DIP) Chair Role:

Job requirements of the DIP Chair special faculty position include providing guidance and accompaniment for up to 5 students at a time throughout the DIP process. DIP chairs are responsible for providing students with constructive feedback throughout the process and will discuss with students how to incorporate feedback when needed. DIP chairs are responsible for the formal approval of each required component of the DIP process, including the approval of each section of the DIP document. DIP chairs will receive training and ongoing support from the Faculty Dissertation Contact person in the EdD Program. 


DIP chairs will be contracted with the EdD program to complete the following requirements that take place over an approximately 2-year period:
Complete the EdD Program required onboarding and training.
Teach the 3 DIP-related 4 credit hour seminar courses (ILD 891: Scholarly Literature Review Seminar [Fall Term 2 2024: October-December 2024], ILD 892: Dissertation in Practice Proposal Seminar [Spring Term 2 2025: March-May 2025], and ILD 893: Dissertation in Practice Manuscript and Defense Seminar [Spring Term 2 2026: March-May 2026]).
Guide the student through their EdD scholarly journey.
Provide final approval for each student’s DIP document for which they are chair.


Qualifications, Skills, and Experience:

A PhD or EdD in a discipline appropriate for an interdisciplinary program with a social science focus required.
2+ years of experience with online graduate level teaching and advising required.
Ability to provide evidence of at least one scholarly publication that utilized research methods common in the social sciences.
Excellent verbal and written communication and the ability to work collaboratively on a team in an interdisciplinary environment.
Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to develop rapport with, and empathy and compassion for, a diversity of populations.
Experience in directing or chairing masters’ theses or doctoral level dissertations preferred.
Experience with teaching social science research methods, including qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods desired.
Experience with teaching in leadership theories desired.

Please apply online and include (1) a cover letter, (2) your CV, (3) two letters of reference, (4) a copy of at least one scholarly publication in which you are an author, and (5) your transcripts (unofficial transcripts accepted). Faculty from the EdD Program will review application materials and invite promising applicants to an initial Zoom interview. This Zoom interview will be approximately 30 minutes and can be scheduled during business or non-business hours. After the initial interview, chosen applicants may be invited for a second Zoom interview of approximately 30 minutes, if needed. Candidates may contact Dr. James Martin (JimMartin@creighton.edu) with any questions.


Applications are due no later than May 10, 2024. Review of applications will begin May 13, 2024.


The goal for this call of applications is to build a diverse pool of special faculty team members committed to having a positive impact on the world. We know that doing this means fostering a learning environment and culture that welcomes and supports team members from diverse backgrounds. We encourage applications for this contracted special faculty position from qualified individuals of all backgrounds who believe they can contribute to the distinctive educational traditions of the University. Whatever way you identify and whatever background you come from, if this role would make you excited to work with doctoral students, and this is a team you want to be part of, we look forward to your application. People of Color, trans and gender nonconforming/nonbinary people, people from poor and working-class childhood backgrounds, people with disabilities, parents or people with dependents, and women are encouraged to apply. We are proud to be a University and a Program that practices inclusive excellence, which means at every point in the decision-making process we seriously consider the benefits and implications of diversity and inclusion. We realize that progress in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion makes the entire institution stronger, more resilient, and more adaptable for current situations and for the future.  The hiring process within the EdD Program at Creighton University is designed with inclusive hiring practices in mind. 


We know the hiring process does not end with signing the contract. We are looking for someone who is interested in making a commitment to the EdD Program and Creighton University. We will therefore put into place a welcome and orientation period to support the special faculty member’s success in their role as DIP Chair.

Special faculty members can expect:

An online orientation platform to help the faculty member learn our online learning management system (Canvas) and program practices and policies.
Faculty orientation and faculty development opportunities hosted by Creighton University’s Center for Faculty Excellence.
Regular training, coaching, and guidance on the process, expectations, and standards for the Creighton EdD Program DIP.
Regular check-ins with the EdD Program Faculty Dissertation Contact person to help the special faculty member integrate into the Dissertation in Practice workflow.
Access to Creighton University online academic library resources.
Regular opportunities to network with Creighton University’s faculty, student, alumni through online meetings.


Other Things to Know About Working at Creighton University

Creighton Special Faculty Contract: At Creighton we aim to compensate our team members in a way that cares for our team as whole persons. The compensation package for this contracted Special Faculty Position of Dissertation in Practice Chair is based on completion of each job requirement. Participate in the EdD Program required onboarding and ongoing training, receive $300 one-time stipend. Payment for teaching each of the 3 DIP-related courses is based on the number of students in each course, $800 per student per course (maximum of 5 students). The first DIP-related course is ILD 891: Scholarly Literature Review Seminar (October-December 2024). The second DIP-related course is ILD 892: The Dissertation in Practice Proposal Seminar (March-May 2025). The third DIP-related course is ILD 893: The Dissertation in Practice Manuscript and Defense Seminar (March – May 2026).  Guide the student through their EdD scholarly journey and complete a final read through and provide final approval for each student’s DIP document, receive $200 per student upon final approval of DIP document.



Creighton Benefits: We’re proud of the benefits we offer to Special Faculty. These benefits include:

Flex time – you set your hours
Full access to Creighton’s academic library
Regular professional development opportunities
Regular networking opportunities with other academics, as well as students/alumni
Opportunity to publish as co-author on student scholarly projects


Disclosure Statement:  This description describes the general nature of work to be performed and does not include an exhaustive list of all duties, skills, or abilities required.  Regular, reliable attendance is an essential function and all employees are required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other job-related duties as requested by their supervisor. Employees may also be required to work in excess of normal working hours as workloads and seasonal activities necessitate. A complete description is available in the Human Resource office located at 3006 Webster Street Omaha, NE.  Creighton University reserves the right to modify duties, responsibilities and activities at any time with or without notice.