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Job Description: Perform various cleaning duties to maintain assigned area in a clean and habitable condition following established practices and procedures. Cleaning duties consist of but are not limited to: dusting, mopping and spot mopping of floors, vacuuming of carpets, cleaning of interior mirrors, pictures, glass partitions, window ledges, doors, and similar items. Clean and sanitize toilets, washrooms and restrooms, showers, etc. Replenish and replace tissues, towels, soap and other similar items. Dust desks, tables, chairs, furnishings, and other similar items. Empty refuse containers, pick up and remove debris and trash, place in designated area or receptacle. Essential Functions:


• Perform various housekeeping duties to assigned areas during the academic year and non-academic year. The assigned areas can vary according to the priorities each day.

• Assigned areas must be maintained in a safe and habitable condition to achieve the standards of Building Services. All priority areas must be maintained when shortages accrue.

• Detect and report defective or unsafe equipment, building repairs, individual employee safety and safety issues that may concern the Holy Cross Community. Report damage and safety violations immediately so that corrective actions may be taken.

• Follow and observe all safety rules and practices.

• Ensure the proper handling of all Building Services key rings. All lost or misplaced keys should be reported to a Building Services manager immediately so proper safety measures can be taken. All buildings must be safe and secure at all times. Any keys misplaced or lost but returned the same day will not require a disciplinary action. In the event those keys are lost, misplaced or taken home overnight, the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

• Develop and maintain good working relations with co-workers, students, visitors, and all other College personnel.

• Occasional flexible work hours will be required for emergencies, support of Special Events, support of Conference Services Events and to complete any necessary work requests.

• Support of all Special Events, Conference and/or the completion of necessary work requests order to ensure their success.

• Upon request of the Director of Physical Plant/ Building Services, flexible work hours will be responded to by individual. If the individual cannot respond to the request, it is the responsibility of the individual to find a replacement or they must work.


At 27.5 hours per week, this position is considered full-time and comes with benefits as described Open Full-time Shift:


• Monday-Friday, 6am-11:30am. This position is 27.5 hours per week, 52 weeks per year.




• High school diploma or GED is required

• Housekeeping/custodial experience

• Basic knowledge of housekeeping tools and equipment required

• Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds frequently.


Additional Information: This position is classified as a non-exempt level position for purposes of the federal wage and hour law. At 27.5 hours per week, this position is considered full-time and comes with benefits as described The College is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and complies with all Federal and Massachusetts laws concerning Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action in the workplace.

Application Instructions: Please attach a resume and cover letter if possible, otherwise, please submit an online application. Should you be a candidate for further consideration after hiring manager review, you will be contacted by a human resources representative.


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