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Research Technician or Research Associate
Title and competitive salary commensurate with relevant experience

The Gubbels Lab in the Biology Department at Boston College is seeking a research technician or associate to join our team. The Gubbels Lab ( studies the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. The candidate’s responsibilities span general lab duties next to carrying out independent bench-level research in close partnership with other labmembers. The candidate will be using a combination of traditional micro- and molecular-biology techniques to create reporter and mutant parasite strains, and use cell biological (including, but not limited to, fluorescence microscopy) and biochemical assays to make phenotypic characterization. This position is grant-funded for two years.

Job Responsibilities

Interact with the PI to set goals, design experiments, and monitor progress
Keep a detailed and organized lab notebook
Partner directly with academic trainee(s) and external collaborators to design and execute experiments
Analyze experimental data and identify methodological problems, and if required, develops skills in documentation of experimental procedures and outcomes, data interpretation, and methodological problem solving through interactions with academic trainees
Participate in team meetings to share results, plan projects and experiments
Present work at lab meetings and attends seminars
In addition, the candidate will assume part of the following responsibilities:

Manage tissue culture needs for the lab by directing undergraduate employees
Perform general laboratory maintenance tasks, this may include:
assisting with making general lab reagents such as media
ordering supplies and equipment and assisting with setup and organization
keeping an inventory of lab supplies and re-ordering supplies as necessary
coordinating equipment maintenance and repair
Advise and make recommendations to the PI on administrative issues and resource needs

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