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The Program Manager is responsible for advising Boston College students about study abroad opportunities in Ireland and Italy.  Please note that regions maybe subject to change.

Advising responsibilities for outgoing BC students include:

Assisting with program selection of both BC and approved external programs.
Guiding students through the application process.
Providing information and advice on curricular infrastructure and course offerings of the programs.
Offering tailored pre-departure orientations.
Organizing and executing help with the visa process.
Communicating regularly with students while they are abroad and with relevant BC faculty advisors, parents, and host university staff.
Managing reintegration activities, evaluation, and reporting of the study abroad experience.
The Program Manager communicates closely with other study abroad advisors in the Office of Global Education and works closely with multiple BC resident directors in Ireland and Italy.

The Program Manager communicates often and in close cooperation with the host universities and partners and especially with the BC resident directors. In coordination with the Director, s/he plays a significant role in the ongoing monitoring and development of programs to ensure that the OGE offerings meet BC students’ academic and personal needs.