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The Director, Human Neuroscience Facility (HNF), oversees the daily operation, strategic planning, finances, general oversight, management, and safety and security of the Boston College HNF, and the Director must be capable of overseeing the HNF with little or no supervision.  The primary purpose of this position is to ensure that the HNF operates efficiently while maintaining the highest standards to ensure safety, and optimize the research productivity and educational opportunities for BC students, faculty, staff, visiting researchers, external users. 

The Director is responsible for all instrumentation present in the HNF, lab safety, training students, faculty, staff, visiting researchers, external users in use of these resources, carrying out calibrations, assessment of data quality, and maintenance, including primary responsibility for diagnosing and trouble-shooting problems and arranging for purchasing of supplies, repairs, and participating in the scientific analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of data. 

The Director will be responsible for financial planning and management including revenue forecasting, financial management, including cost recovery and annual budget requests. Financial oversight responsibilities will include analysis of utilization, prioritization, and calculation of cost basis for services, recharge rate setting, and cost recovery including monthly billing processes.  

The Director will also be responsible for participation in strategic planning for the facility, contribution to the assessment of potential alternatives for instrument procurement, and marketing and user outreach. The Director must be capable of solving problems related to the operation of the major research instrumentation and of the operational components in the HNF. The Director must be able to work cooperatively with the multiple faculty members and other researchers across numerous departments and schools.

The Director must have extensive working knowledge of human neuroscience instrumentation and laboratory procedures, and he/she must be knowledgeable of or capable of learning the operation of new instrumentation and experimental procedures both as needed by facility users and to institute novel capabilities available to BC faculty researchers.