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Boston College is implementing its forward thinking strategic initiative to catalyze a culture of design and innovation (D&I) for the greater good across its campus community. In relation to this initiative, we are seeking an innovative individual with strong demonstrated ability to manage and foster design driven-making and prototyping in a campus community setting. This position will operate as part of the D&I team to actively contribute toward furthering a culture of innovation at Boston College. In collaboration with D&I team, faculty, and interested student groups, they will create and support activities in the campus Makerspace (the BC Hatchery) to engage and mentor students from a wide variety of majors in making and prototyping activities. In the spirit of BC’s service culture, their work will be inclusive of all students’ backgrounds and interests, especially those from non-dominant groups in STEM as part of a service culture.

The Design and Prototyping Manager will oversee the day-to-day operations of the community makerspace facilities that support students, faculty and staff across the University through an array of design and prototyping activities. As part of the BC Design and Innovation team, the manager will work collaboratively with other Engineering, Design and Prototyping Specialists/Instructors, but will be the primary manager of the community fabrication spaces and its activity offerings.
This includes but is not limited to:
●      offering community workshops and events
●      management of facility budget, shop finances and day to day purchases of equipment and consumables
●      collaboration with the campus environmental health and safety (EHS) group to design, implement and maintain safety protocols as applicable to maker and prototyping spaces
●      providing collaborative guidance to other Design and Prototyping staff/Instructors/Specialists, managing and training and scheduling workflow of 30 or more student shop monitors,
●      managing workflow and resources within the facilities,
●      creation of safety and training protocols on all new equipment not previously used at the University,
●      fostering an environment of collaborative, cross disciplinary design, innovation, and making that will bring together interested parties from across the greater BC community
●      organizing and implementation of campus outreach activities in collaboration with other team members and entities such as the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship, Student Affairs, clubs and other interest groups 

With the help of trained student shop mentors, this position will provide critical creative design problem-solving, fabrication, and/or engineering related instruction and support to BC Students, faculty, and staff, as well as management and oversight of shop finances and facilities themselves. Beyond technical experience, a successful candidate will need to demonstrate evidence of strong team collaboration, communication and people skills ideally in a fabrication lab / makerspace context. In line with the BC D&I strategy, they should also be well rounded in design and creative problem-solving, with engineering and digital manufacturing technologies, and design / prototyping background with a breadth of experience working with various modern materials, techniques, and equipment, as well as a passion for teaching and offering workshops