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The Assistant Dean, Student Conduct in the Office of the Dean of Students is a key implementer and decision-maker within the conduct system that also serves as an investigator in student Title IX/sexual misconduct cases. The Assistant Dean manages a caseload of high-level conduct cases and/or Title IX investigations at any given time, in addition to managing other responsibilities which may include: supporting and indirectly supervising Residential Life staff in their conduct matters; conducting various trainings and workshops for students and campus partners; overseeing and training the Administrative Hearing Board and Student Conduct Board; working closely with police and campus partners to manage off-campus conduct issues and neighbor concerns; and/or oversight and management of the Maxient database.

As a hearing officer and investigator in the conduct system, it is imperative for the Assistant Dean to prioritize fairness, due process and legal compliance while also caring for and supporting students. Cases heard by the Assistant Dean may include a range of high-level outcomes, including suspension or dismissal from the University, in consultation with the Associate Dean. Through the conduct process, the Assistant Dean may also issue interim safety measures and refer students to resources as needed.

Also serving as a Title IX investigator, the Assistant Dean must conduct neutral and thorough interviews with complainants, respondents and witnesses, as well as prepare neutrally written interview summaries and final investigatory reports. Either independently or with another investigator, the Assistant Dean makes decisions about whether students have violated the Sexual Misconduct Policy. It is imperative for the Assistant Dean to be knowledgeable of relevant laws, possess sound judgment, and demonstrate ethical decision-making. The Assistant Dean promotes fairness of the process and works to preserve due process for students.

Consistent with Boston College’s mission, the Assistant Dean position emphasizes the care of the whole person, as well as the wellbeing of the entire campus community, through the student conduct process. The Assistant Dean’s caseload is managed by the Associate Dean, Student Conduct and may involve a wide range of cases with potential high-level outcomes, including cases that may result in suspension or dismissal, in consultation with the Associate Dean and Associate Vice President/Dean of Students. 

In order to create a more inclusive community with in the Division of Student Affairs, each staff member is expected to support division and university-wide initiatives, staff events, and serve on committees as needed.