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Job Description

Temporary Office Pool:  Fiscal Assistant
Responsible for daily accounting, reconciliation, reports and assistance with analysis processing that support multi-department operations:  Dining Services, Catering, and Bureau of Conferences.  Creating and maintaining various electronic financial spreadsheets, workbooks and process used in the accounting cycle.  Assist in executing essential procedures and processes for daily cash accounting, debit card accounting, inventory entries, accounts payable, and communication regarding service with vendors and customers. 
Performs People-Soft downloads and input to support reconciliation activities
Assists in daily reconciliations for the multiple assigned department accounts
Creates and posts journal entries via uploads from spreadsheets or manually ie. Revenue
Creates and maintains macros for download of reports to Excel for analysis.
Alters and maintains file structure multiple and diverse spreadsheets of the Operating Report template for creation of monthly accounting team worksheets.
Extract external receivable data from general ledger; summarize data and assist in the collection of outstanding receivables.
Produces reports from databases in support of various transaction activity and inquiry.
Inputs weekly inventory for cost centers, and participates in inventory analysis with unit management.
Assists in data entry required to generate various financial reports.
Performs other clerical duties as required
Assists in the design and sequencing of “inventory locations” in menu management software as required.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting or an equivalent is preferred.  Combination of  education and experience equating to a Bachelor’s may satisfy this requirement.
Three years of experience with accounting, preferably with exposure to debit balance transactions.
Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment; excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Strong human relation and customer service skills.  Must be excellent with computers and accounting software applications, especially  Excel, Word and PeopleSoft. Keen ability to utilize multiple systems for process management specific to varying work areas.   Experience with general ledger inquiry and transaction processing is a must. 

Hourly salary:  $22.50  (28 hours week)