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Job Description

The Temp Pool offers short-term office and clerical temporary employment opportunities to qualified applicants. These opportunities are available in departments and academic areas across the University. Duration of a temporary assignment can range from one half day to a maximum of eleven weeks for 35 hours per week or up to 34 weeks for those working 29 hours or less a week. The length of an assignment is usually determined at the time a request is made by the department but it can extend beyond or end prior to the original request. Most temporary opportunities are office and clerical in nature and occasionally a request is made for a BCTemp to assist in a service opportunity. Temp assignments offer variety and flexibility. Assignments can be full-time or part-time and provide opportunities to broaden your experience.

Position Details:
Department: 024001 – Human Resources
Position: 00008121 – Administrative Temporary Office Pool
Grade: 00

Competitive salary commensurate with relevant experience.


* Depending on the placement computer skills may be needed including: MS Word, Excel, FileMaker Pro, Power Point and typing skills.
* Must have excellent communication and organizational skills,
* Ability to multi-task and have good follow through,
* Ability to work with little supervision and have a respect for confidentiality.

You may submit your application materials online . Please include reference information with your application materials. If we have an opening for someone with your skills and experience, we will contact you for an interview and typing/computer testing.