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Assistant Director, Engineering Instructional Labs

Full-Time Equivalent Hiring Range: $68,100 to $85,150; salary commensurate with relevant experience.

The Department of Engineering at Boston College seeks applicants for the position of Assistant Director of Instructional Laboratories and Facilities. The Assistant Director will manage the acquisition, maintenance and usage of a wide range of equipment and facilities in the instructional laboratories in the new Engineering Department at Boston College. The Assistant Director will report to the chair of the Engineering Department. Specific responsibilities for this position include:

Oversee the acquisition of a wide range of instructional equipment in consultation with department faculty, in laboratories such as the fluids and materials analysis laboratories.
Oversee the maintenance, setup and use of the Department’s instructional laboratories and facilities; manage equipment service contracts and purchase associated supplies. 
Establish standard operating procedures and tutorials for all instructional equipment for the Department.
Provide training to students for safe and proper use of all instructional equipment.
Train and supervise laboratory peer learning assistants
Conduct validation and maintain certification of instructional equipment.
Keep department chair informed of major lab issues and provide feedback on lab operations.
Help maintain, prepare, and purchase new instructional laboratory and project apparatus.
Coordinate with faculty, administrators, Facilities Management, and students regarding relevant aspects of the instructional laboratories and facilities.
Participate in outreach activities, including lab tours for visitors.
Support the Human Centered Engineering program’s accreditation process where facilities are concerned.
Being involved in design of educational activities involving laboratories and facilities, including course laboratories and student projects.


Bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering discipline from an ABET accredited institution with a minimum of 3 years of experience managing engineering laboratories (or Master’s degree in a relevant engineering discipline with a minimum of 1 year of experience managing engineering laboratories).
Knowledge of pertinent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.