DACA Resources

At Jesuit colleges and universities, DACA recipients are not just our students, colleagues and alumni. They are companions in our shared mission to be people for and with others; to seek a faith that does justice; and to do everything for the greater glory of God.

But we recognize that our work to protect DACA recipients is not finished. We remain committed to working with Congress and seek continued leadership from our Jesuit-educated alumni who serve in the House and Senate to do what is right and just: to vote for a clean DREAM Act.

We Are #JesuitEducated: We Stand for #DACAHope

AJCU joined the Ignatian Solidarity Network to support Faces of DACA: a new series featuring profiles of DACA recipients at Jesuit institutions and parishes across the United States:

“Through the stories of DACA recipients, Faces of DACA urges the Jesuit and broader Catholic network to better understand the gravity of what is at stake in this moment for DACA recipients and for our country.” Click here to learn more.

Remember the Dreamers

ACE is a partner organization to the American Council on Education (ACE) on the new Remember the Dreamers website.

“While we wait for Washington to act, Dreamers need our support. Working together, the higher education community plays a vital role in both advocating for and assisting these young people, many of whom are students on our campuses.”

Visit rememberthedreamers.org to learn more.

Meet Our #JesuitDreamers

Statements & Letters to Congress

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Joint Statement on DACA from Jesuit Student Government Presidents

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American Council on Education (ACE) Letter to Speaker Ryan on DACA & Child Separation

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Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Letter to Congress