Soap Opera Expert Barbara Irwin Celebrates Career at Canisius

What would a world without soap operas look like? Barbara Irwin has been pursuing the answer to that question throughout her career. In a new interview, Irwin reflects on her role as a communications professor at Canisius University, as well as an audience researcher and author of books on the CBS daytime drama, The Young and the Restless.

Pop Culture for the Whole Person at Santa Clara

It’s natural that a Silicon Valley-based Jesuit university would offer classes like biostatistics, intermediate Latin, technology ethics, or artificial intelligence labs. But at Santa Clara University, tucked alongside such staples are niche offerings that might seem more like fodder for TikTok than a college classroom.

Igniting the Fire of Radio Science at The University of Scranton

From physics professor Nathaniel Frissell’s perspective, the quote attributed to St. Ignatius of Loyola to “go forth, and set the world on fire” is almost embedded in The University of Scranton’s DNA. Extending this effort to the community beyond campus seems like the natural next step to take—one that Frissell has undertaken in his space research over the past few years.