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Commission Abstract: Commission members have looked across the AJCU network to understand and catalog the variable ways that the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP) is rendered, and are excited to propose a contemporary synthesis for our collective consideration. During the AJCU Assembly, participants will be invited to reflect upon and discuss approaches on their own campus and contribute their experience and insights to this ongoing conversation and synthesis. The Commission is particularly interested in the various ways that the IPP intersects and overlaps with contemporary pedagogies, the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus, and the work of the other Commissions. Participants will also experience and give feedback on an emerging network-wide certificate program that will be piloted in the next year.

Co-Chair: Edward J. Peck, Ph.D. is the Vice President for University Mission and Identity at John Carroll University. Prior to assuming this role, Peck served as the founding Executive Director of the Ignatian Colleagues Program (2008-2014). From 2002-2008, Peck served as Associate Dean of the Graduate School at John Carroll and taught Ethics in the MBA and Nonprofit Administration programs, as well as the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. In addition to his involvement in local, regional, and national Jesuit mission and identity work, Peck is trained as a spiritual director. He holds master’s degrees in divinity and Systematic Theology from St. Johns Seminary, a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics from Loyola University Chicago, and a certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Ignatian Spirituality Institute at John Carroll. He and his wife Sarah and their three children live in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Co-Chair: Dr. Kathleen Smythe teaches African history and sustainability at Xavier University. She has led efforts in sustainability and pedagogy for many years and is invested in meeting students’ needs in the classroom and beyond. She has written five books: Fipa Families (2006), an examination of the ways in which the Fipa people of Tanzania integrated and made sense of European Catholic missionaries and their values during the colonial period; Africa’s Past, Our Future (2015), which highlights ideas and institutions in African history and culture that broaden our imagination about what is possible socially, politically, and economically; Whole Earth Living: Reconnecting Earth, History, Body and Mind (2020), which proposes a new sustainability framework based on long-term human interdependencies on earth and its ecosystems; Bicycling Through Paradise: Historical Tours Around Cincinnati (2021, 2nd edition forthcoming 2025) with co-author Chris Hanlin, featuring nineteen historically-themed tours; and Bicycling Through Dayton: Twenty-one Historical Tours (due Spring 2025).

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