The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) sees education as a powerful and necessary force for overcoming the legacy of slavery and the deep racism found in our social, political and economic structures, and culture. Today’s decision by the jury to convict Derek Chauvin for the 2020 murder of George Floyd reinforces our commitment to explore and address the roots of racism in our society. We continue to call upon our students, alumni, faculty and staff to take concrete steps to make a difference in our own institutions and in our nation.

Jesuit colleges and universities have also issued statements on the outcome of the Chauvin trial. Excerpts are listed below; please click on the institutional names to view the full statements online (page is updated in real time).

“Yesterday’s verdict in the Chauvin trial is a beacon for justice and the rule of law that for so many is long overdue. But, this is clearly only the beginning, and we must remain committed to nurturing a culture that honors fairness, equality and inclusiveness.”

Canisius University

“This is neither the beginning nor the end of the conversation. George Floyd should still be alive today. We, as a community and a nation, still have a long battle to fight against racism.”

College of the Holy Cross

“Let this be a moment that moves us forward – in loving and committed action – to create a more just world for all.”

Creighton University

“If Mr. Floyd’s death sparks a change in the way Black people are policed, and in the way that white people see and respect Black people, that will be the smallest measure of good to come from his murder, and in no way worth the loss of his life.”

Fordham University

“There is urgent work we must do to create a stronger community that rejects racism and discrimination and sustains a culture of belonging. Our existing work has provided a foundation for these efforts. But, going forward, these efforts—and we ourselves—must resolve to meet the needs of our community and the challenges that will come our way.”

Georgetown University

“Please support your friends and neighbors who are feeling the weight of this era and the ongoing biases and racial inequity in up-close and personal ways. May we walk forward together in solidarity for a healthier community and nation.”

Gonzaga University

“We urge each member of our community to find ways to live our values more fully in the world and within our community. Embrace empathy over understanding, and peace over discontent. There is much to be done, and we must each commit to doing it if we are to overcome the legacies of injustice that we have inherited.”

John Carroll University

“Although the verdict may bring a sense of closure to this particular case, we are reminded that the underlying issues continue. Le Moyne remains committed to its social justice mission of addressing the root causes of racial injustice through research, curriculum and policy reform, and ethos, all aimed at promoting a culture of inclusion and a more just society.”

Le Moyne College

“Though we are relieved by this verdict, the value and urgency of our fight for racial equality and justice remains. Healing is a process, and we can claim ultimate progress only when the entirety of our culture and all our behaviors, individually and collectively, become anti-racist.”

Loyola Marymount University

“As a Jesuit, Catholic institution, our mission calls us to engage with love, to be willing to reach deep within ourselves, condemn racism in any form, risk discomfort, confront ambiguities, and respect the full spectrum of individual humanity as we pursue education and research that serve the greater good.”

Loyola University Chicago

“Words are inadequate today. But words are important as we try to make sense of this moment. As we begin to process the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, we must acknowledge and try to understand the pain, hurt, and anger that members of our community, especially those who racially self-identify as Black, might be experiencing.”

Loyola University Maryland

“If our country is going to be better, we all need to do better. We owe that to our Black students, faculty and staff who have carried the burden of racism and have continued to raise their voices for equity and justice. We owe that to ourselves as human beings, as children of God.”

Marquette University

“We are weary. We are triggered. We are divided. Many in our community have suffered under the emotional weight of the trial. Let us reach out to one another in support and in solidarity. Let us not give up our collective work for and with others.”

Regis University

“Let us consider our shared humanity and the end for which we have all been created. And, then let us pursue a community, city and nation that is based upon and lived in love. It must be the first and the last word. From that expressed love will flow the justice deserved for George Floyd.”

Rockhurst University

“As we continue to process recurring events of violence against people of color in our country, we encourage our community to remember the Jesuit model of contemplatives in action. Only through contemplation and action can we move forward as a community and as a nation.”

Saint Joseph’s University

“Entering into Christ’s suffering means embracing our broken world for what it truly is and in doing so, suffering with every child of God. This compassion is the heart of the Jesuit Charism, not a faith of just “thoughts and prayers” but a faith that does justice.”

Saint Louis University

“We must continue to engage in difficult discussions, seek change when necessary and provide support to those fighting for justice. To do so, we must engage in advocacy to promote racial justice.”

Saint Peter’s University

“No single death, trial, or verdict can capture what our country has experienced in the year since the killing of George Floyd. Justice and a righteous peace will be achieved only when we confront the ugliness of structural racism and how it suffocates and destroys.”

Santa Clara University

“As we hold the family of George Floyd in our prayers and in our hearts, let us recommit ourselves to honor his legacy with renewed energy in our collective work as students, faculty and staff for racial justice, equality and systemic change.”

Seattle University

“Now is a time for reflection, patience, and prayer while the names of George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, Breonna Taylor – and too many others – continue to resonate. Violence against people of color at the hands of the police has left many of us saddened and angry. One incident is too many; we denounce injustice of any kind.”

Spring Hill College

“We must, as a University, continue to build a community in which all are welcome and thrive without fear or prejudice. We will educate ourselves and improve the culture and systems at The University of Scranton for equity and inclusion.”

The University of Scranton

“Faithful to our Jesuit and Mercy mission, let us commit ourselves to continuing to work to eradicate systemic racism and to creating an inclusive community that recognizes the distinctive gifts of each person. As an institution of higher learning with our distinctive Catholic tradition, it is also our mission to educate for justice and solidarity.”

University of Detroit Mercy

“We live in a time when it may feel overwhelming to confront the virulent violence and racism that is affecting the lives of so many throughout the world…It is essential that all our students, faculty, and staff experience our unwavering support. These are actions that will allow us to do the hard and necessary work to help our world heal. ”

University of San Francisco

“Together, we will mourn the loss of lives and commit to anti-racist actions that promote justice. We continue to call upon our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to take action to make a difference in our own institution and in our communities.”

Xavier University

“In the words of our country, we educate for a more perfect union. As Catholic institutions, we dare imagine more: the loving community. ”

Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities

“We honor the work of the countless protesters, organizers, and advocates across the globe who answered and continue to answer the call and work tirelessly to leverage their voices for change. May we, as an Ignatian family, be steadfast in our continued work for justice.”

Ignatian Solidarity Network

“This verdict, as important as it is, will not cure us of the racism embedded in our criminal justice system.”

Office of Justice and Ecology