The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) is heartened by the agreement reached between the United States Government and Harvard/MIT on Tuesday, July 14, to rescind the July 6th guidance and FAQ from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) imposing onerous restrictions on international students seeking to study in the U.S.

Our colleges and universities are home to 17,000 international students, who matriculate from around the globe to be educated in the Jesuit tradition, which is grounded in faith and intellectual rigor.

As an association, we joined over 70 other higher education associations and organizations in an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit brought on by Harvard and MIT in response to the ICE guidance. Many individual institutions joined the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration on amicus briefs in that case, as well as lawsuits brought forth by the attorneys general of several states. Still others filed suit against the government, seeking an injunction to stop ICE from enforcing this guidance, and halt the policy from being implemented. Our institutions’ ongoing advocacy stems from valuing global collaboration and having a keen awareness that the Jesuit mission of forming persons who are charged with making the world a better place is one that has no borders or boundaries.

AJCU is committed to working with Congress and the Administration to ensure our students have an opportunity for educational success in the face of the on-going coronavirus pandemic.